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Continental White Gold Honey

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continental white gold honey specialty foods
Continental White Gold Honey
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  • Canada

Unheated and untreated, Continental White Gold Honey comes straight from the pristine woodlands of Northern Canada. This raw, primarily clover honey gets its unique, creamy appearance and texture from its low water content. Easily spreadable, it pairs well with Murray's Cave Aged Reserve Annelies and Rustic Bakery Tart Cherry, Cacao Nib & Almond Crisps.

“Continental White Gold Honey really opened my mind to what honey can be. It’s fantastic with a lot of blue cheeses, but I prefer it with Cashel Blue and some apple slices. I also like to slap it on some bread with Koeze Cream Nut peanut butter for a sandwich that makes me feel six years old again.”
Murray’s Retail – New York, NY
Pure Raw Honey
  • Continental White Gold Honey is primarily a clover honey, harvested from bees that make honey from the nectar of red clover fields.
  • This raw honey is unheated and untreated, self-solidifying shortly after extraction because of its low water content.
  • It’s hand-packed, with a unique white appearance and creamy texture.
  • Honey may crystallize, but usually retains its form unless the moisture content is too high.
  • Continental White Gold spreads easily, and is prefect to pair with cheese or toast or mix into a strong black tea.
Family Owned

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