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Da Rosario Black Truffle Oil

da rosario black truffle oil specialty foods

$20.00 / 1.76oz Bottle
da rosario black truffle oil specialty foods
Da Rosario Black Truffle Oil
  • by Da Rosario
  • United States

Da Rosario makes this 100% organic Black Truffle Oil using a simple combination of rich black truffles and premium olive oil. Both subtle and aromatic, this oil is infused with the earthy, umami essence of fresh truffles, bringing a touch of luxury to anything it’s drizzled on. Try over a bowl of cooked Rustichella Linguine with a shaving of Murray’s 5 Year Parmigiano Reggiano.

“Da Rosario Black Truffle Oil is my secret ingredient when I want to add a little luxury to a basic snack. I love drizzling it over popcorn or fries when I’m treating myself to date night at home. The aromatic black truffle essence immediately upgrades any simple dish and gives it a rich earthiness.”
Murray’s Marketing Team – New York, NY
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Dried White Truffles, (T. Magnatum Pico) And 100% Organic White Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • In addition to other truffle-based products launched along the way, Rosario began producing these 100% organic truffle oils in 2008.
  • They infuse real truffles in high quality olive oil to create these luxurious oils.
  • Da Rosario oils are 100% USDA Organic (the only company in the USA that makes them).
  • Truffle oil should not be used for cooking, as high heat compromises the truffle flavor. Used as a finishing oil, it is great on potatoes, pasta, or risotto, with mushroom dishes, or on popcorn or french fries.
  • During the 1980s, Rosario Safina pioneered the use of truffles in the culinary realm. 
  • Truffles had once been seen as a luxury, out of reach for average Americans. Safina founded Da Rosario Organic to make truffles more accessible. 
  • He received the first USDA Organic certification for truffles. 
  • Safina advocates for the use of real truffles, rather than extracts and oils, to capture the total essence of the fungus’ flavor.
Family Owned

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