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Quince & Apple Company Figs & Black Tea Preserves

$11.00 / 6 oz Jar
Quince & Apple Company Figs & Black Tea Preserves
Quince & Apple Company Figs & Black Tea Preserves
  • by Quince & Apple
  • United States

Tea time is made better with good jam, so it only makes sense that jam is improved with tea. Wisconsin’s Quince & Apple Company makes unique, fruit-forward preserves; the Figs & Black Tea flavor eats like a compote, with chunks of earthy fig suspended in a sticky syrup. Black tea adds a slight bitterness that elevates this condiment beyond one-note sweetness. The deep fruit flavor pairs well with goat cheese, so add to your board with FireFly Farms Merry Goat Round and Murray’s Speck.

“The first bite I had of this fig jam was so reminiscent of Fig Newtons (in a good way). I love it with a creamy goat cheese like Kunik.”
Murray’s Merchandising – New York, NY
Black Tea (Water, Tea Leaves), Dried Figs, Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice And Pectin
  • Quince & Apple holds back on the sugar content in their Fig & Black Tea Preserves, producing preserves that are less overwhelmingly sweet than other fig jams.
  • Full-leaf black tea also helps balance the sweetness of the dried figs, bringing just a touch of astringency to the final product.
  • While it’s great with goat and blue cheese, this is just as good spooned over ice cream or added to a glaze for roast meats.
  • The Quince & Apple Company is a Wisconsin-based artisan food business run by husband and wife team Matt and Clare.
  • They make preserves, pickles, and syrups, with a focus on producing not-too-sweet products that work well on cheese boards and in cocktails.
  • Their Treat spiced nuts are hand-crafted and made in small batches.
Family Owned
Non GMO, Vegetarian

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