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Fresh Robiola


$10.00 / 100 g Square
Fresh Robiola
  • Pasteurized
  • Animal Rennet
  • Age: Fresh
  • Cow Milk
  • Italy
  • Approachable
  • Soft

Fresh, milky and sweet, Fresh Robiola is soft and spreadable, like an Italian version of cream cheese. From the Northern Italian region of Piedmont, it is made with pasteurized cow’s milk and shaped into cubes. Try it with a drizzle of Crown Maple Syrup and Rustic Bakery Meyer Lemon Shortbread for a delectably sweet snack.

Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Double Cream, Salt, Rennet, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate

Allergens: Milk

  • Fresh Robiola is a cheese that originated in the Northern Italian region of Piedmont.
  • Soft and spreadable, the cheese is cube-shaped and is similar in texture to cream cheese.
  • Made with pasteurized cow’s milk, it’s a fresh cheese, meaning it’s less than two weeks old and does not have a rind.
  • It has a mild, tangy flavor that pairs well with everything from strawberry preserves to a bagel with Lox.
  • Robiola can be made with different ratios of goat’s, sheep’s, or cow’s milk, and can be made into many different styles of cheese.
  • Variations on Robiola include fresh cheese (like this one served at Murray’s), to ones with bloomy or washed rinds.
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