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Mieli Thun Forest Honeydew Honey

$17.00 / 8.8 oz Bottle
mieli thun forest honeydew honey specialty foods
Mieli Thun Forest Honeydew Honey
  • by Mieli Thun
  • Italy

Harvested in Italy, Miele Thun Forest Honeydew Honey has notes of juniper, cloves, and black pepper, with undertones of brown sugar. Mieli Thun honeys are monofloral honeys, which means they’re harvested from the nectar of one plant species. This one has a dark amber hue, and an earthy, slightly spiced essence. Try It with an Italian blue like Mountain Gorgonzola and a few slices of Brooklyn Cured Sliced Finocchiona.

“This honey is not very sweet and has a tarter like flavor. Pair with your favorite Blu Cheese.”
Murray’s Cheesemonger – New York, NY
  • Produced between July and August, this honey is not as sweet as many others.
  • Unique honeydew honey or forest honey is made when bees harvest honeydew from the leaves, stems, and bark of trees and other sap producing plants, rather than the more common honey from nectar.
  • The earthy, spicy notes make this honey a great pair for washed rinds and blues, like von Trapp Family Farmstead Oma and Murray's Bleu D'Auvergne.
Family Owned

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