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Northwoods Apiaries Buckwheat Honey

$12.00 / 8 oz Jar
Northwoods Apiaries Buckwheat Honey specialty foods
Northwoods Apiaries Buckwheat Honey
  • Raw
  • by Northwoods Apiaries
  • United States

Some honeys can be drizzled on practically anything. This is not that honey. With its thick texture, dark hue, and complex flavor, Northwoods Apiaries’ Buckwheat Honey stands out. If you gravitate toward sweetness tinged with a hint of bitter (think well-cooked caramel or your favorite amaro), then this jar will be right at home in your cabinet. The toasty flavor is a perfect foil for creamy, tangy goat’s milk cheeses like Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche or Nettle Meadow Kunik.

“In my cabinet, I keep one everyday honey and one honey that’s a little special. This is my current pick for the special one—it's so toasty and really amazing with an aged goat cheese like Afterglow.”
, Murray’s Merchandising – New York, NY
  • Northwoods Apiaries’ Buckwheat Honey is made by bees that collect nectar from buckwheat flowers.
  • Despite its name, buckwheat is not related to wheat. It’s a flowering plant whose seeds are often ground into flour.
  • This is a raw honey, meaning that it has not been pasteurized or filtered. The small bits of pollen remaining in the honey can cause it to crystallize more quickly, but it’s just as delicious after crystallization.
  • The sweetness of buckwheat honey veers more into molasses or brown sugar territory, tempered by the toasty, malty notes.
  • This buckwheat honey is thick, so don’t expect it to drizzle. Instead, for cheese boards, add some to a bowl or directly on your board, with a small knife or spoon for spreading.
  • Located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Northwoods Apiaries harvests honey and beeswax from their hives.
  • They’ve been in the honey business for more than 20 years, producing a range of products from classic honeys to more complex varieties like knotweed and buckwheat.
  • Their beekeeping practices are expertly designed to produce high-quality honey and to preserve and protect the environment.
Family Owned

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