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Robiola Bosina

Robiola Bosina 10oz
Robiola Bosina
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  • Pasteurized
  • Animal Rennet
  • Age: 2 Weeks
  • Cow Milk
  • Sheep Milk
  • by Caseificio Dell' Alta Langa
  • Italy
  • Approachable
  • Soft

Robiola Bosina is an Italian cheese from the Piedmont region made with “due latte,” or two milks. The combination of cow and sheep’s milk gives this buttery cheese a creamy, silky texture and mild notes of button mushrooms, sea salt, and fresh cream. Ideal as a substitute for similar cheeses like Brie, Robiola Bosina is best enjoyed with a glass of Prosecco and a dollop of Sidehill Farm Raspberry Jam or a drizzle of Mieli Thun Millefiori Wildflower Honey.

Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Pasteurized Sheep's Milk, Ferments, Salt, Rennet

Allergens: Milk

  • Robiola Bosina is made from an unusual cow-and-sheep milk blend. In Italian, this type of cheese is called "due latte" meaning "two milks." * It has a unique square shape, and is based on the D.O.P. (name-protected) cheese Robiola Di Roccaverano. * Robiola Bosina is a young cheese that’s only aged for a few weeks. However, as it ages, it becomes more creamy and runny, and develops a more potent flavor. * Robiola encompasses a family of cheeses that have different profiles and textures, from fresh and bloomy to washed rind varieties. * This version is similar to Brie in texture, but with half the butterfat content.
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