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Rovagnati Sliced Prosciutto Cotto

$10.00 / 4 oz Pack
Rovagnati Sliced Prosciutto Cotto meats
Rovagnati Sliced Prosciutto Cotto
  • Pork
  • by Rovagnati
  • Italy

Prosciutto” means ham in Italian, encompassing a range of meats beyond Prosciutto di Parma, including prosciutto cotto, the cooked ham that’s Rovagnati’s specialty. The family-owned company seasons, massages, and steams pork thighs to create these succulent, lightly salty, subtly sweet slices. It’s the quality of Italian prosciutto, with some of the familiar flavor of deli-style American ham. Make a Croque Monsieur-inspired bite with Murray's Cave Aged Gruyère and Fallot Dijon Mustard.

“When I need a little pickmeup, my perfect bite is this prosciutto cotto and a slice of provolone on a Mini Croccantini. It’s so savory and satisfying, always boosting my mood and tiding me over to the next mealtime.”
, Murray’s Merchandising – New York, NY
Pork Meat, Water, Salt, Dextrose, Seasonings (Yeast Extracts, Flavors, Maltodextrin), Powdered Pork Stock, Sodium
Ascorbate, Sodium Nitrite.
Family Owned

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