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Sibeiho OMG! Sambal

$16.00 / 9 oz Jar
Sibeiho OMG! Sambal
  • by Sibeiho
  • United States

Spicy-sweet and packed with umami, Sibeiho’s OMG! Sambal brings depth with every dollop. This jammy Singapore-inspired condiment is crafted from family recipes and happens to be vegan. Red onions and shallots slow-cook to a caramelized depth that balances the deep, roasted heat of the chiles. Keep it in your kitchen to bring spice and complexity to marinades, noodles, and soups. Or snack on it with cheese to complement the dairy richness of Fontina Val d’Aosta or Grand Ost Havarti.

“I reach for OMG! Sambal to add complexity and heat to whatever I’m cooking or snacking on. For a recent dinner party, I swirled some into Victor’s Labne for a really amazing dip.” 
Murray’s Buying – New York, NY 
Organic Shallots; Organic Red Onions; Organic Garlic; Organic Canola Oil; Dried Chili; Organic Brown Sugar; Salt; Lime Juice
  • Sambal is a fresh or cooked chile paste found throughout Southeast Asia, often made with some combination of chile, alliums like garlic or shallot, sugar, and other aromatics.
  • The OMG! Sambal is a cooked sambal based on family recipes from Singapore. It’s a ready-to-eat condiment that can be used for dipping and drizzling.
  • This sambal is a little sweeter and more jam-like than the Sibeiho’s AF Chili Chunka Sambal. It’s similar to the Boomz Sambal, but the OMG! is vegan and doesn’t contain shrimp paste.
  • It’s normal for the oil to separate; just stir before use.
  • Sibeiho was founded in Portland, Oregon, by Holly Ong and Pat Lau, two Singapore-born food lovers.
  • To bring Singapore’s cuisine to the Pacific Northwest, they started a farm-to-table supper club in 2019, where diners first discovered their deliciously unique sambals.
  • In 2020, they launched Sibeiho as a retail store and online shop.
  • Their three ready-to-enjoy sambals are made in small batches drawing from family recipes. They use local ingredients whenever possible. 
AAPI Owned
Gluten Free, Vegan

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