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Halloumi Fries with Spicy Chili Jam

Move over, mozzarella sticks! There’s a new fried cheese trend in town. Halloumi, a traditional Mediterranean cheese that’s known for being “squeaky” and springy, is perfect for grilling and frying, as it doesn’t melt and maintains its sweet, milky, lemony flavor. We’ve deep fried slices of this snackable cheese and served them up with a Fresno Thai Chili Jam for a kick of heat. This easy recipe is perfect for snacking, no matter the season, but we love it for a cozy movie night at home or a backyard barbecue.

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preparation & ingredients

2 Eggs

3 cups Canola oil, or similar high heat oil

2 cups Panko breadcrumbs

1 tsp Kosher salt

1 pk. Halloumi, 8 oz

½ cup Blake Hill Preserves Fresno & Thai Chili Jam

Heat the canola or peanut oil in a Dutch oven or deep pot over medium heat until a thermometer reads 350 F.
Cut the halloumi into 10-12 sticks at roughly a ½ to ¾” thickness, the length of the block of cheese
Whisk the eggs in a shallow dish and set aside. In another shallow dish, mix the salt and panko to incorporate.
Set up the breading station and roll each halloumi fry first through the egg, then through the panko mixture before dropping into the hot oil. Take care not to overcrowd the pot.
Remove the halloumi fries to a wire rack or paper towel lined plate to cool slightly.
Serve warm with the chili jam for dipping.

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