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Spotted Trotter Sliced Duck Prosciutto

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Spotted Trotter Sliced Duck Prosciutto meats
Spotted Trotter Sliced Duck Prosciutto
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  • Duck
  • by Spotted Trotter
  • United States

You don’t need to eat pork to enjoy charcuterie, thanks to enticing alternatives by meat experts like Spotted Trotter. Here, duck breast gets cured like prosciutto and rubbed with juniper, allspice, and orange zest. The earthy, sweet flavor of the duck shines through in every tender slice, each of which is crowned with a layer of melty fat. A rich choice for a charcuterie board. Echo the red hue with paprika-rubbed Alisios®, or lean into the meatiness with a strong sheepy cheese like Roncal.

“Rich and full-flavored but still delicate, this meat is excellent with a sheep’s milk cheese like Manchego, or an aged pecorino like Oro Antico or Foglie di Noce.”
Murray’s Wholesale – New York, NY
Duck, (Cured With Kosher Salt, Brown Sugar, Black Pepper, Sodium Nitrite, Juniper, Chili, Paprika, Mustard, Bay Leaf, Orange Zest, Allspice, Anise)
  • Prosciutto is an example of whole muscle curing, where an entire cut of meat (a duck breast, in this case) is cured, versus salami where the meat is cut up and mixed with fat and spices.
  • Spotter Trotter uses the breast of the Moulard duck, which is known for its dark red color, substantial breast, and sizeable layer of fat.
  • They cure the meat with salt, brown sugar, and black pepper, as well as a careful blend of aromatics like juniper, chili, paprika, mustard, bay leaf, orange zest, allspice, and anise.
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