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Spotted Trotter Sliced Salami du Sud

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Spotted Trotter Sliced Salami du Sud meats
Spotted Trotter Sliced Salami du Sud
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  • Pork
  • by Spotted Trotter
  • United States

Salami du Sud is French tradition with Southern flair—the kind of charcuterie to build a board around. Spotted Trotter honors the cured meats of France with this rich, herbaceous pork salami infused with white wine, fennel, thyme, and garlic. The Georgia spin comes in the form of finely ground pecans, which add a pleasant nuttiness and toasty depth. It’s sliced to an ideal thickness for snacking, so put out at a party with cheeses that mimic the herby notes like Paski Sir and Hudson Flower.

“I reach for this when I want a unique meat with subtle heat. I last paired it on an Italian-inspired board with creamy Robiola Bosina and nutty Piave Vecchio.”
Murray’s Wholesale – New York, NY
Pork, Fennel, Pecan Powder, Salt, White Wine, Dried Oregano, Celery Juice Powder (Celery Powder ( Natural Flavor), Sea Salt, Silicon Dioxide (Anti-Caking), Dried Thyme, Garlic, Cherry Juice Powder ( Cherry Powder (Natural Flavor), Sea Salt, Silicon Dioxide), Peppers, Dextrose
  • Georgia, where Spotted Trotter is located, accounts for nearly a third of the pecans produced in the United States. This salami highlights their passion for using local products in their charcuterie.
  • Salami is one of the most popular types of cured meat, made by chopping or grinding meat and supplementary fat, salting and seasoning the mixture, and stuffing into casings.
  • The sausages are hung to cure, ferment, and dry, which is where the salami firms up to its final texture, develops its flavor, and becomes more shelf-stable.
  • Salami can contain a range of flavors and spices—this one is seasoned with pecan powder, white wine, oregano, thyme, garlic, and peppers.
  • The Salami du Sud is uncured, meaning it’s made with natural curing agents like celery juice powder and cherry juice powder.
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