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The Ugly Company Dried & Sliced Peaches

$10.00 / 3 oz Bag
The Ugly Company Dried & Sliced Peaches
  • by Hello! I'm Ugly
  • United States

The Ugly Company is doing beautiful work. Their Dried & Sliced Peaches start with sweet California produce that would’ve been wasted for purely cosmetic reasons. Instead, the peaches make it to grocery shelves, where we can all delight in dried fruit perfection. The full slices are pliable with a slight chew, made with no sugar or additives, resulting in a true peach flavor. We like them with something stinky like Époisses, or chopped and strewn over an arugula salad with burrata.

“These dried peaches are a staple in my pantry. When I’m not snacking right from the bag, I like to make a sweet and spicy salad with dried peaches and peppadews over burrata.”
Murray’s Merchandising – New York, NY
  • The Ugly Company was started by Ben Moore, a fourth-generation California farmer who was moved to action against the food waste problem in the United States. 
  • Growing up on a farm, he saw firsthand the amount of edible produce that was thrown away for cosmetic reasons—like color, size, or small imperfections—that had no effect on the fruit’s flavor. 
  • With the Ugly Company, he finds a use for this produce, creating dried fruit using high-quality produce from local California farms. The farms also benefit, making money from selling fruit that they otherwise would have wasted and paid to have hauled away. 
  • Their products are single-ingredient; just fruit, without any added sugar or preservatives, allowing the pure flavor to shine.
Gluten Free, Non GMO, Vegan

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