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Trade Street Jam Co. Smoked Yellow Peach Jam

$16.00 / 9 oz Jar
trade street jam co smoked yellow peach jam specialty foods
Trade Street Jam Co. Smoked Yellow Peach Jam
  • by Trade Street Jam Co.
  • United States

If you’re a fan of peaches cooked on the grill, you’ll love this unique jam. Sweet and smoky, it’s made with just four ingredients: juicy, ripe peaches, fresh lemon juice, sugar, and applewood smoke. It has no pectin and no preservatives, which makes it smoother and less viscous than some jams. Trade Street Jam Co.’s spread is ideal for topping roast duck and pork chops or mixing into cocktails. Drizzle on Murray's Burrata or Westfield Farm Capri.

“This fruity jam may lead you to believe you are outside at a summer BBQ enjoying fresh peaches, no matter the season. This jam tastes of peaches mixed with a smoky flavor. Lean into the smokiness by pairing with Murray’s Smoked Cheddar Brick or Maple Leaf Smoked Gouda.”
Murray’s Sales – New York, NY
Peach, Sugar, Lemon
  • Make a dessert cheese platter with Jasper Hill Farm Bayley Hazen Blue, Trade Street Jam Co. Smoked Yellow Peach Jam, and shards of Cru Chocolate Nicaragua 72% Dark Chocolate Bar.
  • Keeping your jam refrigerated will make it thicker. For baking applications, feel free to heat jam with a bit of cornstarch to create a thicker texture.
  • Since this jam is fresh and made without preservatives, enjoy within two to three weeks of opening.
  • Trade Street Jam Co. founder and CEO Ashley Rouse is a trained chef who creates vegan, small-batch jams in inspired flavor combinations.
  • A woman-owned, black-owned business, Trade Street was born out of Charlotte, North Carolina, but eventually found its way to Brooklyn, New York.
  • They procure their ingredients through local vendors and farmers, the flavors of which really shine with minimal added sugar and no pectin or preservatives.
Black Owned

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