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Ziba Kismish Raisins

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ziba kismish raisins specialty foods
Ziba Kismish Raisins
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  • by Ziba Foods
  • Afghanistan

Ziba Kismish Raisins are made from the prized Shungul Khani grape variety, grown sustainably in Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province. Longer and thinner than traditional raisins, these golden-green hued bites have a sweet, delicate flavor and chewy, snackable texture. Their almost floral sweetness is the perfect foil for creamy, salty blue cheeses like Chiriboga Blue or Rogue Creamery Caveman Blue.

“My favorite candy is any gummy candy, but I always feel guilty snacking. These super-sweet chewy raisins are a healthy alternative to my gummy candy snack addiction. Pop them by the mouthfuls alone like I do or try them with a saltier option such as Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives.”
Murray’s Ecommerce – New York, NY
  • Kismish raisins are sometimes called the “gummy bear raisin,” as they’re an all-natural dupe for the candy.
  • They have been sought-after for centuries in South Asia and the Middle East.
  • Add some sweetness to a cheese plate with Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche and Jan's Farmhouse Crisps Cranberry & Pistachio Crisps.
  • An Afghani nut and dried fruit company, Ziba Foods works directly with small-scale farms to source high-quality products.
  • The company uses farmer-direct advance pay—paying farmers as soon as their available harvest passes quality control processes, which allows them to provide Afghani farmers with a reliable source of income.
  • They’re committed to supporting Afghan women, with 85% of management and staff positions held by women. They also provide English lessons and industry training.

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