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Zotter Chocolates Butter Caramel

$11.00 / 2.47 oz Bar
zotter chocolates butter caramel specialty foods
Zotter Chocolates Butter Caramel
  • by Zotter Chocolate
  • Austria

If you asked us to describe the perfect chocolate bar, this Butter Caramel bar from Austrian brand Zotter would come pretty close. Made with 100% organic fair trade Dark Mountain milk chocolate and caramel stirred with butter, this small block of sweets packs some seriously mouthwatering flavor. The “hand-scooped” chocolate method, invented by Josef Zotter, describes the meticulous process involved in creating this treat—a detailed technique in which layers of organic ingredients are sandwiched between thin layers of chocolate. Bite into this bar and you’ll find a thick slice of smooth caramel and a layer of crunchy nougat beneath a coating of quality milk chocolate.

"This caramel-stuffed chocolate bar can definitely be described as "mouthwatering." It's delicate and thin with a satisfying crunch and a buttery salted caramel interior that's reminiscent of a gourmet Twix bar. I love it as a sweet afternoon snack or with caramel flavored cheeses like Roomano."
Murray’s Marketing Team – New York, NY
Ingredients: cane sugar, cocoa butter, butter (cream), cream, cocoa mass, almonds, dry whole milk, caramel crisps (sugar, glucose syrup, butter [cream]), rice syrup, dry skim milk, milk, dry sweet whey, dark brown cane sugar, salt, soy lecithin, lemon juice concentrate, vanilla bean powder, rose petals, lemon powder(lemon juice concentrate, corn starch, sugar), cinnamon.  = ORGANIC (ORGANIC CONTROL NUMBER: AT-BIO-402)

Allergens: Milk, Soy, Tree Nuts

  • When adding butter to caramel you get complex flavors due to the browning of sugar
  • Flavors also are created by the Maillard reaction as the butter browns
  • This rich chocolate works very well with aged goat gouda or other sweet and nutty cheeses.
  • It is perfection when included on an autumn-themed cheeseboard along with slices of apple, crumbled cheddar, and a cranberry jam.
  • Chocolate, like cheese is best enjoyed at room temp
  • Zotter Chocolates is an Austrian chocolate company founded in 1987 by Josef Zotter.
  • The company started as a family business and has now evolved into an internationally renowned bean-to-bar producer.
  • Zotter sources only organic and fair-trade beans, which are then roasted, ground, and crafted into unique chocolate bars known for their original flavors, high quality ingredients, and eye-catching, artistic wrappers.
  • Josef Zotter is considered one of the most inventive chocolatiers in the world, and his company pioneered the ‘hand-scooped’ method of making layered chocolate bars.
  • They are dedicated to environmental stewardship and are considered one of the most sustainable companies in Austria.
  • Zotter did not begin importing or selling in the U.S. until 2017.
Family Owned

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