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Hedene Miel du Jura 250g

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The lush Joux forests are a part of the Jura Mountains in France, and are well known for their towering fir and spruce trees. Feeding in one of the most pristine fir plantations in the country, the bees of the region feast on the fir trees, creating an intensely fragrant honey. With a strong woody flavor, as well as notes of ripe fruit and maple syrup, the Fir Honey is a refined, robust alternative to traditional honey. Hedene was created to help share the surprising varieties of French honey, showing that the territories truly affect the flavor notes of the honey. The monofloral honey – meaning that the bees harvest only from one type of flower or plant – ensure that the honey tastes distinctly of that plant. The Fir Honey features a rich, dark color, and is wonderful when topping creamy, briney cheese like the Epoisses.

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