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No Grill? No Problem

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Get the best of summer snacking no matter what your grilling set-up looks like! We’ve got cheese, meat, and classic toppings that make for a classic BBQ spread that you can easily craft from your stovetop or oven. Dig in to our favorite seasonal eats right here.


  • French Raclette: Raclette is a semi-soft cheese with plenty of deep, fruity notes. Traditionally, Alpine cheesemakers would melt the cut surfaces of raclette on fire-heated boulders and scrape the melted cheese over boiled potatoes and cornichons. These days, you can use a  raclette griller or toaster oven for peak meltiness.
  • Halloumi: This traditional Greek favorite has been dubbed ‘The Grilling Cheese’ for its unique ability to resist melting at high temps. Its springy, meaty texture and lightly salty flavor make it perfect for serving up with olive oil and roasted veggies on a skewer. Try pan-searing it to get a crisp, mouthwatering exterior.
  • NY State Yellow Cheddar: Crafted from the pasteurized cow’s milk of family farms in upstate New York, this classic cheddar is sweet, milky umami and piquant, with a bright bite. It melts beautifully, so top off a pan-roasted burger or slide a few slices into a homemade grilled cheese for an easy, cheesy lunch.
  • Maple Leaf Pepper Jack: This American original incorporates fresh red and green jalapeno peppers, adding crunch and spice to the buttery, tangy jack cheese. Creamy with a definite kick, this is just right melted over nachos or burgers – or snacked on with a great, crisp beer to beat the heat.


  • Olympia Provisions Frankfurters: These foot-long links are crisp and snappy when cooked, and simple enough to be seared on your stove top–serve them up on a bun with ketchup and mustard or make a plate with caramelized onions and sauerkraut for a true German feast.
  • Seemore Meats & Veggies: Seemore Meats & Veggies crafts delicious sausages with an equal focus on humanely raised meat and fun veg-forward flavors like Broccoli Melt and La Dolce Beet-a. Sizzled in a pan until browned, they can be sliced and mixed into pasta salad or nestled in a bun for a sausage experience that’s truly unique.
  • Surry Farm Hickory Bacon: Slow smoked over hickory wood to create a succulent, hearty flavor, this country bacon is guaranteed to be the star of your spread. The crisp strips have a gently smoky essence and notes of sweet maple, making them a tasty, snackable addition to a grill-free summer meal.


  • Garlic and Dill Pickle Spears: These crunchy pickle spears are the ultimate garlicky garnish for any sandwich, cocktail, or cheese dip. Infused with a mix of garlic and bright dill, these pickles have a bold, briny flavor and herbaceous tang, making them ideal for homemade fondue or serving up with a burger.
  • Three Little Figs French Onion Confit: Using fresh local figs, aged balsamic, and a hint of rosemary, this rich French Onion topping makes a perfect meat glaze or addition to a simple grilled cheese or homemade burger.
  • Mustards & More: From mayonnaise to Dijon, our selection of condiments is a must-have for every summer spread. Spice up your oven-made sausages and sandwiches with a spoonful of bright flavor from your favorite gourmet pantry staples, whether that’s basic ketchup or a flavorful special sauce.

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