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Murray's Cavemaster Reserve Hudson Flower 12 oz


Our riff on Corsican classic, Fleur du Maquis. Young wheels of decadent sheep's milk cheese from nearby Old Chatham get a fresh fall coat in a secret blend of rosemary, lemon thyme, marjoram, elderberries and hop flowers. The bright herbs impart robust piney and floral aromas to welcome the season and make for an unforgettable flavor when combined with the rich, milky paste.

As seen in The New York Times

As seen in Saveur's Decadent Cheese Plates

Just the Facts

United States
New York
Milk Type
Rennet Type
1 month
12 oz

The hands that wash the cheese may change, but the title remains the same: Cavemaster. Since the inception of the caves beneath Bleecker Street at Murray's, we've had a team of experts aboard whose sole purpose is to tend to the hundreds of cheeses we age ourselves. And every now and again, they'll create an entirely new cheese like Hudson Flower that becomes part of our Cavemaster Reserve series.