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Old Chatham Creamery Cupid's Choice 5oz

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Among the rolling hillsides of the Hudson Valley, Old Chatham Creamery specializes in soft cheese with a fondness for sheep milk (they shepherd one of the largest flocks in America). Today the farmstead icon presents a bloomy, cow's milk joint inspired by their burning desire to create artisanal handmade cheese for every occasion. (They also have a gift for shaping cheese into the most darling silhouettes!). Heart-shaped Cupid’s Choice is everything we want in a French classic but with a twist. It feels luscious and buttery while tasting of sweet earth. It promises to break hearts once it’s gone. Savor it while you can with Black Cherry Confit and Rustic Bakery Rosemary & Olive Oil Flatbreads for an unforgettable date night bite.

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Just the Facts

United States
New York
Milk Type
Rennet Type
10 Days
5 oz