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Olympia Provisions Pork Liver Mousse 8oz


Rich and creamy, this pork liver mousse has a more whipped texture than traditional pate, and it’s been slightly sweetened with port wine to add a touch of decadent, boozy, and maple-like undertones to its already luxurious profile. Made for snacking with Champagne and buttery cheeses like Brie, this mousse is a must-have at any festive celebration. Pair it with other savory selections like Olypmia Provisions Green Peppercorn Pate and Olympia Provisions Pork Pistachio Pate.

Through our partnership, Olympia Provisions orders will be shipped from an alternate facility outside of Murray’s. Orders placed prior to 3pm will ship out the next day. Orders placed after 3pm will ship out the following day, and you will receive a separate tracking number from Olympia Provisions for your order.

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