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This ruddy, pink-orange washed rind comes out of Catalonia - known for its sheep and goat's milk cheeses. But from the hills and pastures of Catalonia, just beside the Segre River, 100 Friesian cows graze. Pere Pujol makes a washed rind, raw cow's milk cheese that embodies the pastures the cows enjoy, earthy, with a scent of fresh hay and grass. Biting into this unctuous, smooth paste, flavors of roasted chestnuts and just-cracked walnuts hit the palate before mellowing out into fresh cream. At room temperature, this cheese is perfection with a few slices of Prosciutto, or you can melt this nutty, meaty marvel atop a baked potato.

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Milk Type
Rennet Type
2 months

Pour a glass of...
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    Crisp and acidic with light minerality. You may smell stone fruit, apples, pear, quince, even some fresh herbs.

    Pair with: Tangy Loire Valley goat cheese to bring out crisp, mineral qualities in both. Something like Selles-sur-Cher will work perfectly!

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