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Marenchino Regal Al Tartufo

This item is no longer available.

This item is no longer available.


Italy is the holy land of hard grating cheeses. After all, there's all that pasta that needs a healthy snow of shavings over top. And true to its regal name, this is one of the crown jewels. Regal al Tartufo is nutty, firm, and loaded with black truffles, bringing a whole lot of decadence to everything you already love in a grating cheese.

Each wheel of Regal Al Tartufo is approximately 0.5 lb.

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Just the Facts

Milk Type
Rennet Type
30 Days

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    When picking out a cheese to nibble on while you sip your favorite gin cocktail, think bright and springy. Something fresh that will bring out the spirit’s citrusy, botanical notes. 
  • Sparkling Wine

    Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, anything with bubbles!

    Pair with: The effervescence of Sparkling Wines makes for a great pairing with richer, fattier cheeses that coat the mouth: think La Tur and Brunet, or a triple creme like Brillat Savarin or Delice de Bourgogne.

  • Vodka

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