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Uplands Cheese Company Rush Creek Reserve 12 oz

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Uplands Cheese, one of the best regarded cheesemakers in the United States, has been making a cheese based on the Vacherin Mont D'or for years.

Using raw winter milk from their pastured herd of cows they did exactly what the French & Swiss have been doing for centuries: bound small wheels in spruce bark and washed them for sixty days to produce an astonishing unctuous, resiny, bacony delight. The aroma is grassy and full of depth. The flavor is pleasantly mild but never simple, with hints of smokiness. The texture is pure luxury, pudding-like, silky smooth and built for scooping.

The use of winter milk makes this cheese highly seasonal.

*Please note: Rush Creek Reserve’s rind naturally has a mottled mix of white, blue, and green cheese molds.  They’re part of the rind’s natural aging process and help soften the interior paste to its custard-like perfection.

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Just the Facts

United States
Milk Type
Rennet Type
2 months
12 oz

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