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Zotter Chocolates Tiramisu 2.47oz


World-renowned Austrian chocolate company Zotter combines milk chocolate, mascarpone, coffee, and rum in a layered bar inspired by traditional Italian Tiramisu. Zotter uses a “hand-scooping” method to create delicate layers of flavor and texture within the chocolate. The perfect blend of rich coffee and sweet chocolate, this decadent bar makes for a simple dessert when served with Black Cherry Confit and Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche.

About the Maker

  • Zotter Chocolates is an Austrian chocolate company founded in 1987 by Josef Zotter. 

  • The company started as a family business and has now evolved into an internationally renowned bean-to-bar producer. 

  • Zotter sources only organic and fair-trade beans, which are then roasted, ground, and crafted into unique chocolate bars known for their original flavors, high quality ingredients, and eye-catching, artistic wrappers. 

  • Josef Zotter is considered one of the most inventive chocolatiers in the world, and his company pioneered the ‘hand-scooped’ method of making layered chocolate bars. 

  • They are dedicated to environmental stewardship and are considered one of the most sustainable companies in Austria. 

  • Zotter did not begin importing or selling in the U.S. until 2017.

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