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Spotlight on Spring Cheese

Behind the Rind

Spring is finally here, which means there’s one specific type of cheese that’s been on our minds lately: goat cheese. The spring season is known in the cheese world as “kidding season,” which means it’s when goats give birth and produce fresh milk, which makes it the right time for crafting goat’s milk cheeses. This year, we’re taking a look at four unique goat cheeses that range from the classic velvety chevre you know and love to original creations with complex flavor profiles.

Barn First Quinby

Trade in your basic Brie for something a little more complex. This intensely creamy farmstead cheese has notes of fresh milk and a light mineral essence, with a touch of traditional goat’s milk tang. Mild and sweet, it’s a spreadable bloomy goat cheese that’s at home on any cheese board–we like it with a drizzle of jam or a rich honey like Trufflin’ Black Truffle Honey to serve up some simple luxury.


Westfield Herb Garlic Capri

Want something classic? This award-winning goat log is infused with garlic, parsley, and thyme. Bright, creamy, and herbaceous, it’s a soft and spreadable cheese that’s designed for easy eating, and its versatility makes it perfect for a spring picnic or brunch when served with a fresh crudite platter. Try this flavored chevre with a rustic cracker like Raincoast Rosemary Crisps.


Blakesville Creamery Afterglow

Bring on the fruity funk! This original creation was developed when the cheesemakers at Blakesville decided to wash goat cheese buttons with a local cherry-flavored beer, adding a bright fruitiness to the cheese’s clean minerality. With a delicate wrinkled rind and velvety interior, the small round boasts a bold, grassy aroma and a complex profile that blends citrus, stone fruit, and a hint of salt. Perfect with a glass of bubbles (or beer!), we like to play up this cheese’s sweeter notes with spreads like Murray’s Heirloom Apple Butter.


Neal’s Yard Dorstone

Need an eye-catching showstopper for your spring cheese board? We’ve got you covered with Dorstone, a one-of-a-kind creation from Neal’s Yard Dairy. It’s a turret-shaped goat’s milk cheese that’s bursting with citrus zest and a mellow lactic tang. The interior is light and fluffy, with a mouth-coating bright white paste and delicate lemony aroma, while the rind features a stunning mottle gray stone-like appearance. Bring out the bright lemon flavors in this beauty with a dollop of Blake Hill Lisbon Lemon with Champagne Jam.

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