Brebis Noir


Brebis Noir has a profile that’s rich and creamy in texture, with flavors that are equal parts savory and umami. There’s mushroom, there’s almond, there’s fresh milk—it’s like a porcini frangipane that’s been left to cool on the windowsill.

It’s rare to find a bloomy sheep’s milk cheese, so we decided to change that. Brebis Noir is made in the French Pyrenees by Agour, producers of world-class sheep’s milk cheeses like Ossau Iraty. We then receive it green and age it in our NYC cheese caves. It’s classic French terroir with a bit of New York character, and the results are creamy and stunning. Brebis Noir may translate to ‘black sheep,’ but it has all the qualities of a true golden child: universal adoration, a singular ability to please, and an impressive depth of character.

Just the Facts

United States
New York
Milk Type
4 Weeks