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The Cheese, Apples, & Honey Board

Rosh Hashanah calls for dipping apples in honey, to signify a sweet new year. The Murray's take on this tradition is to reach for apples, honey, and cheese, since it pairs so beautifully with both. That's the inspiration for this gorgeous savory-sweet board. The cheeses offer a range of flavors—grassy Pyrenees Brebis, bright Sunny Ridge, creamy Roquefort, luxurious Fromager d'Affinois, and tangy Valençay. Two types of honey add a variety of textures and multi-dimensional sweetness, and everything's rounded out with nuts, jam, crackers, and the apples of your choice. Shanah tovah to you and yours!

preparation & ingredients

½ lb. Pyrenees Brebis

½ lb. Blakesville Creamery Sunny Ridge

½ lb. Fromager d'Affinois​

1 ea. Valençay, 8 oz.

½ lb. Roquefort

1 ea. Red Bee Honey Comb Box, 10 oz.

1 ea. Mieli Thun Millefiori Wildflower Honey, 8.8 oz.

1 ea. Murray's Marcona Almonds, 4.2 oz.

1 ea. Mitica® Fig Jam, 7.76 oz.

1 ea. Z Crackers Sea Salt And Olive Oil Crackers, 8 oz.

Red and green apples


Thinly slice your apples, leaving them grouped together so you can shingle them later.
Cut a few slices of the Sunny Ridge, then cut those slices into smaller pieces. Leave the rest intact.
Slice even-sized rectangular pieces from about half the wedge of Pyrenees Brebis, leaving the rest intact.
Cut a quarter of the Valençay into bite-size pieces, leaving the rest intact.
Cut a few bite-size pieces out of the Fromager d'Affinois, leaving the rest intact.
Crumble two thirds of the wedge of Roquefort.


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