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The Ultimate Cheddar Board

This cheddar-loaded board is stacked with five of our favorite sweet, crumbly, and crunchy selections, along with a whole lot of flavorful bites for a spread that’s perfect for parties, family gatherings, and easy entertaining. Cheddars come in all styles and flavors, so we’ve chosen a variety of classics: bright Montgomery’s Cheddar; savory Cabot Clothbound; earthy truffle-studded cheddar; grassy Quicke's cheddar; and some squeaky curds. For pairings, we selected Jambon de Bayonne, crunchy pickles, apple slices, and more to create a platter of exciting flavors and textures.

preparation & ingredients

1/2 lb. Neal’s Yard Dairy Montgomery’s Cheddar​

1/2 lb. Jasper Hill Cabot Clothbound Cheddar​

1 ea. Grafton Village Truffle Cheddar Bar, 8 oz.​

1/2 lb. Quicke’s Mature Cheddar​

1 ea. Ellsworth Creamery Cheese Curds, 16 oz.​

1 ea. Jambon de Bayonne, 3.5 oz.​

1 ea. Sidehill Farm Raspberry Jam, 9 oz.​

1 ea. Le Bon Magot Tomato and White Sultana Chutney, 2 oz.​

1 ea. Murray’s Hot & Sweet Cheese Stuffed Peppers, 5.6 oz.​

1 ea. Pacific Pickle Works Carriots of Fire, 16 oz.​

1 ea. Murray’s Bread & Butter Pickle Chips, 12 oz.​

1 ea. Z Crackers Sea Salt & Olive Oil Crackers, 8 oz.​

Apple slices



Slice the Truffle Cheddar into ¼-inch thick squares and most of the Quicke's Cheddar into ¼-inch thick rectangles.​
Crumble all the Cabot Clothbound Cheddar and most of the Montgomery's Cheddar.​


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