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Santa’s Cookies & Cheese Plate

Christmas is coming and so is Santa! This board’s got everything for anyone making their way down the chimney. Sugary cookies with holiday spices and rich cheeses that lean toward the sweet side. Festively delightful, this makes a great gift for both friends and employees. Or put it out on display for your holiday party. Either way, it’ll be a big hit with everyone (including the big guy).

preparation & ingredients

1 ea. Rustic Bakery Mini Ginger Babies, 12 oz

Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

1 ea. Rustic Bakery Egg Nog Cookies, 4.5oz

1 ea. Rustic Bakery Chocolate Cacao Nib Shortbread Cookies

1 ea. Sweet & Salzig Honey Lebkuchen

1/2 lb. Gorgonzola Cremificato

1/2 lb. Murray's La Tur

1/2 lb. Murray's Honey Goat Gouda

Mini Candy Canes

Mini Candy Canes

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