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Cheeses of the World Sampler

Cheeses of the World

$87.00 / Collection
Cheeses of the World
Cheeses of the World Sampler

Note: These products are shipped in a gift box, not plated or assembled on a board. This collection of our best-selling cheeses satisfies every kind of cheese craving and makes a brilliant gift for any globetrotter. We’ve got classics from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, and the United States, each with their own unique flavors, textures, and cheesemaking tradition. It’s a tasty exploration in one satisfying box—just add your favorite crackers and honey for a transporting cheese platter.

“This collection has some of the best classics from around the world. Don't sleep on the high plains cheddar or the Roomano gouda - both so crunchy and sharp, the perfect crowd pleaser. The gruyere might seem basic, but it can be used for so much more than snacking. I prefer it on my eggs or over some potatoes.”
Murray’s Education – New York, NY

In This Collection

  • Murray's Cave Aged Gruyère

  • Murray's Estate Gouda

  • Pyrenees Brebis

  • Mitica® Drunken Goat®

  • Ships in - Murray's Small Gift Box

  • Piave Vecchio

  • Murray's High Plains Cheddar

If one of the items in the collection is unavailable or does not meet our high quality standards, we may need to substitute an item of equal or greater value.


3.0 pounds


5-7 people

  • Send the Cheeses of the World Sampler to anyone who loves exploring the world through food.
  • Round out this selection by creating a spread with savory Fabrique Delices Saucisson Sec, Murray's Spiced Cherry Preserves, and Rustic Bakery Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread.
  • Leftover Murray's Cave Aged Gruyère Gruyere is ideal for melting into a rich fondue or atop a bowl of steamy French onion soup.
  • Piave Vecchio shines shaved over a salad of bitter greens, dressed simply with extra-virgin olive oil and flaky salt.
  • For an excellent tapas spread, pair Mitica® Drunken Goat® with candied walnuts and Charlito's Cocina Cerveza Seca. Serve with your favorite sherry.

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