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Akron Honey Bourbon Barrel Honey

$9.00 / 3 oz Jar
Akron Honey Bourbon Barrel Honey specialty foods
Akron Honey Bourbon Barrel Honey
  • by Akron Honey
  • United States

If you’ve added honey to a bourbon cocktail, you know how well the floral sweetness balances those rich caramel flavors. That’s the magic Akron Honey has captured in a jar with their Bourbon Barrel Honey. Raw honey from their urban apiaries is infused with actual pieces of bourbon oak barrels, imparting a subtle smoky, vanilla-tinged aroma to the final product. Serve with Bourbon BellaVitano for a no-nonsense pairing, or fold into Murray’s Mascarpone for an incredible French toast topping.

"This honey is as great for AM as it is for PM. I love it lightly drizzled on my buttermilk pancakes as well as used instead of simple syrup in an oldfashioned."
, Murray’s Ecommerce– New York, NY
Raw Honey, Infused with Bourbon Barrels
  • Bourbon is aged in charred oak barrels, which imparts notes of caramel, vanilla, and smoke to the whiskey.
  • Akron Honey takes actual bourbon barrels and cuts them into small cubes, letting them sit in their raw wildflower honey for several days. This allows the bourbon flavor as well as the flavor of the oak itself to really infuse into the honey.
  • It’s a natural addition to cocktails—we recommend a Bourbon Barrel Honey old fashioned or a gold rush (bourbon, lemon, and honey).
  • For another beautiful cheese pairing, serve with River’s Edge Up In Smoke, a goat’s milk cheese that’s smoked over alder and hickory chips and wrapped in smoked maple leaves spritzed with bourbon. Your palate will be treated to a complex, smoky, sweet bite.
  • This honey is incredible versatile for both everyday uses like stirring into tea or drizzling over yogurt and culinary applications like making a honey mustard marinade or whipping up a compound butter for biscuits, baked goods, and pancakes.
  • Akron Honey is a black-owned apiary in Akron, Ohio, producing raw wildflower honeys in creative flavors. 
  • The business was started by Brent Wesley, also known as Wesley the Keeper, who began beekeeping in 2013 as it related to his interest in agriculture.
  • He now operates three apiaries across several neighborhoods in Akron—two in formerly blighted vacant lots—harvesting the bees’ surplus in small batches and never blending or mixing batches with honey from other locations or other seasons.
  • For their infused honeys, like hibiscus, habanero, and bourbon barrel, Akron Honey allows the flavor-building ingredients to infuse for several days into their raw honey.
  • To drive home their message of sustainability, they visit P-12 classrooms to share information about beekeeping.
Black Owned
Gluten Free

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