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Aldo Armato Semi-Dried Cherry Tomatoes

$24.00 / 280 g Each
Aldo Armato Semi-Dried Cherry Tomatoes
Aldo Armato Semi-Dried Cherry Tomatoes
  • by Aldo Armato
  • Italy

Aldo Armato’s Semi-Dried Cherry Tomatoes are an elevated pantry staple that won’t last in your pantry for long. This jar bursts with intense, almost caramelized tomato flavor. Tender and silky from bathing in Aldo Armato’s own Italian olive oil, these are good enough to snack on straight from the jar. If you have the will to wait, they’re perfect on pizza and antipasto boards, or placed atop sourdough with a slather of Vermont Creamery’s Herb Goat Log.

“These Italian tomatoes are packed with so much flavor and always hit the spot. They’re the not-so-secret ingredient for my famous app: just spread ricotta on Italian bread and top with these tomatoes. Perfection!”
Murray's Cheesemonger – Bleecker Street - New York, NY
Semi-Dried Cherry Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Basil, Oregano, Garlic, Salt
  • Unlike sundried tomatoes, semi-dried tomatoes are removed from the drying process before they lose all of their water content and natural juiciness.
  • Located in coastal northern Italy, Aldo Armato is a generations-old, family-owned olive press, so the olive oil in every jar of Pomodori Ciliegino is made from their own farm.
  • Based in Stellanello, Italy, on the shores of the Mediterranean, Aldo Armato is a fifth-generation business that has been producing extra virgin olive oil since 1871.
  • They have expanded beyond olive oil into other traditional Italian products like jam and preserved vegetables, made using local ingredients.
  • Tourists can visit Aldo Armato and see the ancient stone mills that were used to produce their olive oil.
Family Owned
Gluten Free, Vegan

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