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Bleu Mont Dairy Bandaged Cheddar

$42.00 / Lb
Bleu Mont Dairy Bandaged Cheddar cheese
Bleu Mont Dairy Bandaged Cheddar
  • Pasteurized
  • Animal Rennet
  • Age: 2 Months
  • Cow Milk
  • by Bleu Mont Dairy
  • United States
  • Approachable
  • Soft

Emerging from two years of careful aging beneath Wisconsin hills, this cheddar’s rich layers of flavor speak to its cave-aged origins. Expect an earthy, woodsy flavor near the rind and a bright sweetness in the center. Accentuated by a great crystalline crunch, this cheddar is perfect with a dollop of Three Little Figs French Onion Confit, all washed down with a tart doppel beer.

Cow's Milk, Salt, Rennet

Allergens: Milk

  • Cheesemaker Willi Lehner sources milk from his neighbors’ farms and crafts his cheese at local creameries.
  • Bandaging the wheels like mummies, he ages them in his own experimental south Wisconsin cave, carved into a hillside.
  • At least a year of aging underground creates a perfect balance between caramel sweetness, background acidity, and an intense mossiness at the rind.
  • Serve Bleu Mont Dairy Bandaged Cheddar with slices of Murray's Calabrese and Rustic Bakery Sweet Onion & Creme Fraiche Flatbread.
Family Owned

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