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Murray's Cheese Crazy Tote

Murray's Cheese Crazy Tote
Murray's Cheese Crazy Tote
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  • by Murray'S Cheese

Wear your love for cheese loud and proud with the Murray’s Cheese Crazy Tote. Made from 100% cotton canvas in a bold red color, this playful bag features a Cheese Crazy slogan and one of Murray’s signature cheese characters. All on a comfortable, mid-size tote, 14-inches by 10.5-inches with 22-inch handles. Sure, it can hold groceries, books, and a water bottle, but you’ll always look like you’re carrying incredible cheese (something we strive for).

“Everyone who knows me knows I’m a cheese lover. And now that I have this bright tote, even people who don’t know me will know. I keep it stashed in my purse for impromptu purchases (cheese and otherwise.)”
Murray’s Merchandising – New York, NY

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