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Joyfull Bakery Parmesan Crisps

joyfull bakery parmesan crisps specialty foods

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joyfull bakery parmesan crisps specialty foods
Joyfull Bakery Parmesan Crisps
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  • Pasteurized
  • Animal Rennet
  • Age: 10 Months
  • Cow Milk
  • United States

Made from 100% parmesan, Joyfull Bakery Parmesan Crisps are a cheesy, crunchy gluten-free alternative to crackers. Airy and crisp, they make a truly versatile snack. Layer with some Prosciutto San Daniele and Murray's Buffalo Mozzarella, float in a bowl of tomato soup, or sprinkle over some mixed greens.

“These Parmesan Crisps are 100 percent cheese and also 100 percent addictive. Go wild and toss more cheese on top! Or, be a little more traditional and use these as a vessel for slices of salami or prosciutto.”
Murray’s Retail – New York, NY
Parmesan Cheese (Pasteurized Cow'S Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes)

Allergens: Milk

  • Joyfull Bakery Parmesan Crisps are slow-baked using 100% aged Parmesan cheese (not to be confused with Parmigiano Reggiano, a name-protected cheese that originates from the Parma region of Italy).
  • The crisps are made from just cheese, giving them an airy texture and a zesty, salty taste.
  • A truly versatile snack or ingredient, try them in place of a cracker and layered with prosciutto and cheese, floated in soup, or crumbled over a salad like croutons.

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