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Prosciutto San Daniele

$11.00 / 3 oz Pack
prosciutto san daniele meats
Prosciutto San Daniele
  • Age: 16 Months
  • Pork
  • Italy

From the small town of San Daniele del Friuli, tucked between the Dolomites and the Adriatic Sea, comes silky, rich Prosciutto San Daniele. A moist, cool climate and plenty of sea salt create a cured ham that, even after months of aging, is sweet and delicate with a porky flavor and a velvety texture. Try wrapping this prosciutto around slices of fresh cantaloupe or pairing with some Blenheim Apricots and Murray’s Sundried Cherries for a sweet, summery snack.

“What could pair more perfectly with cheese than silky Prosciutto San Daniele? A soft brie and some briny olives, alongside a glass of crisp white wine. Try draping a slice over a wedge of brie with a smear of apple butter for a sweet, salty bite.”
Murray’s Ecommerce – New York, NY
Italian Pork Leg, Sea salt
  • Prosciutto San Daniele hails from the town of San Daniele del Friuli, a small Italian community situated between the Dolomites and Adriatic City.
  • This prosciutto is made from the legs of Italian Large White, Landrace, and Duroc pigs that are born and raised in Italy.
  • Before the curing process begins, the ham legs are checked to ensure they are the right size and shape.
  • They are held for in a refrigerated chamber to firm the meat for at least 24 hours—more time is added the heavier the leg is.
  • Next, the ham is pressed and transferred to a cool room with 70 to 80 percent humidity.
  • Four months later, the ham is washed and set to mature for at least 13 months.
  • As it matures, it is routinely tested to ensure its quality.
  • Two specific tests are performed: legs are struck to check their firmness and pricked with a horse-bone needle to sample the aroma and determine how its aging.
  • Once legs are finished maturing and ready for sale, they are branded with the San Daniele seal.
  • This prosciutto was awarded DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetti or “protected designation of origin”) status in 1996, meaning it must be produced in San Daniele del Friuli to be labeled as such.
Family Owned
Gluten Free, Non GMO

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