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Fallin' For Cheese Board by Nashville Cheese Gal

Piled high with creamy favorites and savory sides, this original board from Instagram sensation Nashville Cheese Gal (@nashvillecheesegal) is bursting with fall flavor. Cortney LaCorte, the face behind the famous cheese page, is known for her colorful, decorative, and eye-catching cheese platters made of ornate edible designs. For this Murray’s exclusive creation, she’s crafted a board featuring four fan-favorite cheeses, including the delightfully orange Shropshire Blue and surprisingly savory River's Edge Up in Smoke. Topped off with some classic charcuterie and sweet sides, this board is ready for a night in with friends.

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preparation & ingredients

1/2 lb. Mitica Drunken Goat

1 ea. Murray's Delice 7 oz

1 ea River's Edge Up in Smoke

1/2 lb. Shropshire Blue

1 ea. Murray’s Calabrese Sliced Salami

1 ea. Prosciutto San Daniele

1 ea. Murray’s Apple Butter

1 ea. Raincoast Fig & Olive Crisps

small bunch Grapes


Partially chunk the Shropshire Blue, leaving ¾ on the rind.
Triangle cut the Drunken Goat
Unwrap the River's Edge Up in Smoke, leaving it sitting in the leaves.


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