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Brie Lover's Board

Here’s one for fans of bloomy rind cheeses. We combine the creamy, buttery flavors of Brie from France with a sweet crunch you won’t be able to resist. Spread a little of the sour cherry jam and honey on a sea salt cracker. Then lay a slice of apple and Brie atop, with a sprinkle of fresh rosemary. Take one bite and prepare for your taste buds to be in heaven! Pair with a fruity prosecco or crisp cava to take it to the next level.

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preparation & ingredients

8 oz. Murray's Mini Brie

1 ea. Murray's French Double Crème Brie

1 ea. Divina Sour Cherry Spread, 9 oz.

1 ea. Mitica Moka Pecans Minitubs, 5 oz.

1 ea. Trufflin® Black Truffle Honey

Fresh Rosemary

Apple, Sliced


For the Mini Brie, slice a few wedges from about ⅓ of the wheel, but leave the rest intact.
Halve the wedge of Murray's French Double Crème Brie lengthwise.


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