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Matiz Octopus in EVOO

matiz octopus in evoo specialty foods

$21.00 / 4.2 oz Tin
matiz octopus in evoo specialty foods
Matiz Octopus in EVOO
  • Fish
  • by Matiz
  • Spain

Mediterranean producer Matiz catches their octopus off the coast of Spain and Portugal, and preserves the tender bites in a tin of premium extra virgin olive oil. The octopus has a rich, slightly briny taste of ocean salt and a texture like medium-rare steak. Both hearty and mild, this tinned octopus is ready for snacking, and makes an excellent addition to pastas or salads. Try Matiz Octopus in a homemade dish with 1932 Arrabbiata Sauce or served simply with a rustic cracker like Firehook Multigrain Flax Cracker.

“When I need an idea for an easy lunch or dinner, I gravitate towards this Matiz Octopus. I love the quality, freshness and tender texture, without the hassle of having to prepare and cook octopus myself. My favorite is to serve with chorizo, peppadews, and some spiced potatoes for a quick tapas night at home!”
Murray’s Catering Team – New York, NY
Octopus, Olive Oil, Salt

Allergens: Fish

  • Matiz catches their octopus in the Atlantic Ocean, typically off the coast of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.
  • They catch their wild octopus using traditional methods, including the use of octopus pots.
  • The octopus is then hand-packed in tins with Spanish olive oil with sea salt in Galicia, Spain.
  • Galicia is renowned for its seafood, particularly octopus.
  • Restaurants which specialize in serving octopus are called pulperías.
  • Matiz takes pride in sourcing and importing all-natural, gourmet food products in its native Spain. 
  • Matiz products are imported to the United States by the Culinary Collective, a distributor that prioritizes sustainability and small producers in the gourmet realm. 
  • To promote responsible business practices, the Culinary Collective champions five distinct sourcing criteria: local ownership, authenticity, local sourcing, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. 
  • Matiz adheres to these guidelines and is proud to work with family manufacturers that prioritize high-quality, all-natural products.   
  • The Matiz product line encompasses olive oils, vinegars, vegetables, grains, and seafoods. 
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