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Mieli Thun Chestnut Honey

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mieli thun chestnut honey specialty foods
Mieli Thun Chestnut Honey
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  • by Mieli Thun
  • Italy

Harvested from the nectar of wild mountain chestnut flowers in Italy, Mieli Thun Chestnut Honey is aromatic and rich, with a deep smoky flavor reminiscent of roasting nuts. Its pretty mahogany-red hue and a bold, astringent depth make it ideal for pairing with nutty Italian cheeses like Pecorino Calabrese and Murray’s Parmigiano Reggiano.

“Produced to let you experience the flavor and aroma of what bees take in from nature, this honey reminds me of a honeydew. It is slightly bitter with a woody flavor. I recommend using it as a dip for fresh fruits or drizzling over a breakfast pastry.”
Murray’s Sales – New York, NY
Bee Honey
  • With savory notes of smoke and spice, chestnut honey is layered and complex.
  • Its intensity makes it a delicious addition to marinades and glazes. But it’s equally delicious as a final drizzle on ricotta toast made with Calabro Fresh Ricotta and Murray's Italian EVOO.
  • This raw honey is produced in June and July from wild mountain chestnut flowers without pasteurization or additives.
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