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Olympia Provisions Pickled Cauliflower

Olympia Provisions Pickled Cauliflower specialty foods
Olympia Provisions Pickled Cauliflower
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  • by Olympia Provisions
  • United States

This vibrant cauliflower is spiced with turmeric, ginger, cumin and coriander to give it a kick of heat and rich, zesty flavor before it’s pickled in white wine and white wine vinegar. The result? A sweetly spicy, tangy vegetable selection that’s perfect for adding some boldness to a roasted veggie dish or salad, or pairing with Murray's Genoa Salami and Murray's Sea Salt Crackers.

Cauliflower, white wine vinegar, white wine, sugar, salt, ginger, spices, calcium chloride (a natural salt)
  • Through our partnership, Olympia Provisions orders will be shipped from an alternate facility outside of Murray’s. You will receive a separate tracking number from Olympia Provisions for your order.
  • This turmeric infused pickle adds great flavor and snappy texture to a cheese and charcuterie board – try it with Loukanika and Ossau Iraty.
  • Olympia Provisions makes these specialty small batch pickles by hand, with the same care as their beloved American charcuterie.
  • Established in 2009, Olympia Provisions was Oregon’s first USDA-approved salumeria.
  • Founder Elias Cairo, a first-generation Greek-American, grew up around charcuterie—his father would often craft his own meats at home.
  • His upbringing, along with his travels and apprenticeships around Europe, inspired him to start Olympia Provisions, to share these traditional techniques with Americans.
  • The company uses antibiotic-free pork and high-quality ingredients like freshly ground spices.
  • They form their meats with natural casings and allow them to age naturally, without relying on hot-incubation, cooking, or irradiation.

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