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Ortiz Ventresca Tuna

$33.00 / 3.88 oz Tin
ortiz ventresca tuna specialty foods
Ortiz Ventresca Tuna
  • Fish
  • by Ortiz
  • Spain

Ortiz, a Spanish family business, makes their Ventresca Tuna from live caught fish in the Atlantic. They hand cut the tuna fillets into large, meaty pieces and package them in premium olive oil for a rich snack that has an ocean-fresh flavor. Simple and delicious, this tuna is ideal for incorporating into salads or antipasto dishes. We also like the fillets served up tapas-style with our Pitted Greek Olive Mix and Marinated Sundried Tomatoes.

“There is canned tuna and then there is Ortiz conserved tuna belly! Aside from it being a perfect ingredient to enhance simple tapas and appetizers, I go for Ortiz Ventresca when I want to pull out all the stops for a to-die-for tuna melt because the taste is so satisfying, mild and meaty. I especially love it mixed with celery and just about any fresh cheese before being stuffed into pickled peppers, or in Roman-style spaghetti with tomatoes and chili flakes.
Murray’s National Team – New York, NY
White Tuna, Olive Oil, And Salt

Allergens: Fish

  • Ortiz is a family-run business located near the Bay of Biscay, Spain.
  • They use traditional coastal fishing techniques that help protect marine reserves.
  • They make the Ventresca Tuna fillets from the belly of Yellowfin or Bonito tuna.
  • Pacific Yellowfin Tuna can grow up to 400 lbs and six feet long.
  • Tinned or canned tuna originally became popular in the early 1900s as a substitute for canned sardines.
  • Since the late 19th century, Spain’s Conservas Ortiz has prided itself on producing the best fresh and preserved fish—including tuna and anchovies.
  • The company uses traditional fishing methods to ensure humane treatment, preserve the quality of the fish, and maintain the health of the oceans.
  • Tuna is individually line caught using fresh bait during the coastal fishing seasons, a selective and sustainable technique.
  • Anchovies are caught using purse seine nets before being cleaned, salted, and aged for six months.
Gluten Free, Non GMO

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