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San Giuliano Lemon Marmalade

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San Giuliano Lemon Marmalade
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  • by Marchesi di San Giuliano
  • Italy

San Giuliano’s Lemon Marmalade is Italian sunshine in a jar. These zingy preserves start at the San Giuliano estate in Sicily, where the volcanic soil is well-suited for growing citrus. The sliced fruit is cooked simply with sugar until it thickens to spotlight the satisfying, bittersweet rind. Each textured spoonful brims with a bright lemon essence. Spread it on a scone, add it to a pie, or use it to bring out the lemony notes of goat’s milk cheeses like Capri and Merry Goat Round.

“I love to start a dinner party with this tangy lemon marmalade spooned over a soft goat cheese like Bûcheron.” 
Murray’s Merchandising – New York, NY 
Fruit, Sugar
  • Marchesi di San Giuliano is a 22-acre estate in Sicily that has been in the Castello di San Giuliano family for more than 800 years.
  • Today, Giulia di San Giuliano and her father run the business, crafting traditional marmalades using fruit from their citrus trees, which grow in rich volcanic soil thanks to nearby Mount Etna.
  • They use family recipes for their marmalades and biscuits, inspired by breakfast favorites that the family has enjoyed for generations.
  • The citrus is harvested by hand during the winter months, when the fruit is at peak ripeness.
  • It then gets hand-sliced, soaked in water, and cooked slowly with sugar, without any thickeners. The result is a pure fruit flavor and rustic texture. 
Family Owned
Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan

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