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Short Creek Farm Bonfire Cider Salame

$21.00 / 5 oz Stick
Short Creek Farm Bonfire Cider Salame
Short Creek Farm Bonfire Cider Salame
  • Pork
  • by Short Creek Farm
  • United States

Short Creek Farm’s Bonfire Cider Salame celebrates the quintessential New England tradition of apple picking. The addition of dry hard cider imparts fresh-from-the-orchard flavor without too much sweetness. The brew’s warming cinnamon and slight habanero heat are in perfect harmony with rich, heritage-breed pork, allspice, and garlic. Apples and charcuterie are cheese board essentials, and this small-batch salami brings both to the table. It’s perfect with the fruity and meaty notes of Taleggio.

“I love the warm spice and delicate apple notes of this salami, it’s such a simple way to add depth to a cheese board. I serve it with Firehook Grahams and some Up In Smoke from River's Edge for cozy fall vibes any time of year.”
Murray's Catering - New York, NY
Short Creek Farm Pork, Hard Cider (Fermented Apple Cider, Pomegranate Juice, Habanero Pepper, Cinnamon), Sea Salt, Garlic, Water, Celery Powder, Turbinado Sugar, Black Peppercorn, Thyme, Cherry Powder, Allspice, Lime, Starter Culture, In Edible Collagen Casing
  • The heritage breed pork used to make this salami is sourced entirely from New England, coming from Short Creek Farm and their partner farm located in Bernardston, Massachusetts.
  • The Fire Starter Hard Cider comes from New Hampshire-based North Country Hard Cider, which makes unfiltered ciders using only New England apples.
  • Though the cider used in this salami is made with habanero peppers, you don’t get spice in the final product.
  • Since 2015, Maine’s Short Creek Farm has been crafting artisanal, small-batch charcuterie using locally raised pork and beef.
  • It was founded by Jeff and Dave, high school friends who came together over a shared interest in small-scale farming and cured meats.
  • The pork for their Homegrown line of salami comes from their own farm in New Hampshire and another local farm in Massachussets, where the pigs are pasture-raised using rotational grazing in the summer.
  • They butcher the whole hog by hand before combining the deeply flavorful meat with careful blends of seasoning. The salamis are slow-fermented and dried in-house.
  • Short Creek Farm stands out by combining a traditional salami-making process with unique flavors, ranging from smoky poblanos to botanical gin to citrus-tinged kosho.
Independently Owned
Farmstead, Rotational Grazing

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