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Sweet & Salzig Honey Lebkuchen (Swiss Lackerli)

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Sweet & Salzig Honey Lebkuchen (Swiss Lackerli)
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  • by Sweet and Salzig
  • United States

Inspired by traditional German sweets, Sweet & Salzig handcrafts their Honey Lebkuchen in Brooklyn according to a classic recipe. These flaky, buttery cookies are infused with almond and brandy, giving them a rich nuttiness that’s accented by bright, warm citrus and spice - cinnamon, star anise, lemon and orange peel. Spice up your next holiday party by serving these with Mitica Moka Pecans and a handful of Murray’s Marcona Almonds.

"I love this cookie because it's a mystery with every bite; soft yet crunchy, sweet but spicy. I suggest making a dessert tray and offering this cookie as the centerpiece alongside bowls of Rustic Bakery Mini Ginger Babies and Egg Nog Cookies. Hot chocolate with whipped cream optional."
Murray's National – Cincinnati, OH
Wheat Flour*, Honey*, Cane Sugar*, Almonds, Glazed Lemon & Orange Peel (With Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Citric Acid, Sulphur Dioxide), Lemon*, Brandy, Purified Water, Spices*.
  • Sweet & Salzig’s founder uses her mother’s tried and true recipe to bake these cookies.
  • The German tradition of baking and sharing Christmas cookies goes all the way back to the monasteries of the Middle Ages.
  • Lebkuchen is a traditional German Christmas cookie that dates back to the 1300s. It’s a bit like gingerbread but dense and chewy rather than crunchy.
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