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Ziba Apricot Kernels

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ziba apricot kernels specialty foods
Ziba Apricot Kernels
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  • by Ziba Foods
  • Afghanistan

Ziba’s Apricot Kernels are dry roasted and salted for a satisfying crunch and sweet flavor, perfect for nut-free snacking. They're harvested in Afghanistan by a company focused on supporting local small-scale farms and empowering and employing women. With gentle fruit notes and nutty, toasty undertones, these almond-like bites are high in fiber. They add texture to any cheese board—try them with Roomano Extra Aged Gouda and other bite-sized treats like Quicos de Chocolate and Murray’s Sundried Cherries.

“A nice alternative to almonds, these kernels are toasty, sweet, and lightly salted, making them a great healthy snack. Bring out their sweet flavor by enjoying them with Mitica Caramelized Walnuts.”
Murray’s Merchandising – New York, NY
Apricot Kernels, Afghan Salt
  • Found inside apricot pits, these seeds look and taste like small almonds, but are free of nuts.
  • Munching on an apricot pit might seem unexpected, but Ziba’s Apricot Kernels are a special sweet variety perfectly safe for consumption.
  • These add a welcome crunch to salads – try one with arugula, cranberries, and Meredith Dairy Marinated Feta.
  • An Afghani nut and dried fruit company, Ziba Foods works directly with small-scale farms to source high-quality products.
  • The company uses farmer-direct advance pay—paying farmers as soon as their available harvest passes quality control processes, which allows them to provide Afghani farmers with a reliable source of income.
  • They’re committed to supporting Afghan women, with 85% of management and staff positions held by women. They also provide English lessons and industry training.

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