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Murray's Cave Aged Limited Gilded Goat

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Our Caves are home to some cheesy treasures, but we struck gold—literally—with the creation of Gilded Goat, a decadent reimagining of Loire Valley Valencay. Sublimely creamy with a luxurious velvet mouthfeel, this gorgeous goat cheese boasts a wrinkled rind coated with ash and flecks of pure gold leaf. There’s more to this Cave Aged original that meets the eye—the delicate white paste within is studded with earthy black truffles, adding a mouthwatering savor to its clean and lactic profile. Bright and umami with notes of mushroom and wet stone, this French favorite pairs perfectly with Champagne, so grab a bottle of bubbly for peak luxury.

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Milk Type
Rennet Type
8 oz