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Murray's Camembert Fermier 8oz

$17.50/Each $23.00/Each

We're always searching for the next great Camembert, and we think this is it. The tender, downy mold rind gives a contrasting bite to a melting straw-colored paste within. Aged to rich, creamy perfection, this wheel of Camembert is toasty, buttery, and ever so lactic. This cheese is one of the few that can stand up to the big, structured reds of Bordeaux. From just outside of Paris, this Frenchie embodies the flavors of France and will keep you coming back for more.

As mentioned in Bloomberg, Murray's Camembert is one of few pasteurized versions available in the United States worthy of your baguette. So while it's becoming harder and harder to get your hands on worldwide, fret not, at Murray's we can assure you that Camembert is here to stay

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Just the Facts

Ile de France
Milk Type
Rennet Type
4 Weeks
8 oz

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