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Olympia Provisions Summer Sausage 12oz

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We literally cannot stop eating this pork splendor, and eating it some more. Portland, Oregon's Olympia Provisions dreamed up their addictive Summer Sausage in collaboration with Triscuit - yes, Triscuit! 'We set out to create a sausage as iconic and ubiquitous as a Triscuit. A go-anywhere, pair with everything, everybody's favorite sausage,' they said.

Good job, Olympia! Their take on this American classic comes from meticulously selected northwestern pigs. It's tangy and mildly spiced with mustard and garlic, wax-dipped for handy transporting, and absurdly delicious. Make a picnic to make all other picnics jealous with a stick of this, some clothbound cheddar and a crisp rose, or a big Brown Ale.

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